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The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona is funded entirely by donations and grants

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Licensed Practical Nurse

$3,000 – Rotary Club of Phoenix East

“I just wanted to share how TRVFA and Phoenix East Rotary Club has changed my life and that of my dear boy Kamryn’s. After 20 plus years of marriage, my now ex-husband abandoned the family in the middle of the night. We were devastated. I started school at East Valley Institute of Technology on September 6, 2016 and am happy to say I graduated September 6, 2017! I will forever be so thankful for the help to achieve my goals and provide a better life for my family.”


$2,150 – Rotary Club of Phoenix Arcadia

“I would like to thank TRVFA and Phoenix Arcadia Rotary Club for giving me the opportunity to change my life. I joined East Medical College and I feel so lucky to have been a student during this time last year and received the chance to apply for this scholarship. I am so happy and proud of myself now and am definitely wanting to continue education and hopefully become a nurse soon.”

Associate Degree Nursing (RN)

$3,000 – Rotary Club of Old Pueblo

“TRVFA is not only a giving organization but a stepping stone to meeting some of the world’s leaders in their fields. They helped me to realize my dream of becoming a professional nurse and I am so grateful to have been selected. These are people who are looking to make leaders of our future graduates. I am so glad to have been blessed by such kindness and will be joining them in promoting Rotary International.”

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