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Eligible Applicants

The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona (TRVFA) can grant qualifying applicants a one-time grant of up to $3,000 to pursue training toward a vocational certification.

An applicant for a Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona grant must:

  • Meet certain financial need eligibility
  • Must file the most current Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and provide
    us with a copy of their Student Aid Report (SAR)
  • Seek training in a qualifying vocational area
  • Be a legal resident of the state of Arizona
    (see Determination of “Legal Resident” for the State of Arizona for a TRVFA Grant for details)
  • Attend a school/training institution in Arizona
  • Be sponsored by a Rotary Club in Arizona, Needles, CA or Laughlin, NV

Because the requirements that relate to financial need and qualifying courses of study are set by Arizona state law, we are obligated to verify that every applicant meets these standards.

The enabling legislation that allows donations to the Vocational Fund for State Tax Credit purposes stipulates that the recipients meet the definition of income levels that are 150% of the Federal Poverty Levels.  The standard changes slightly each year due to inflation and other economic conditions.  The idea is to assist those people who are struggling to raise their standard of living above the poverty or near-poverty line.

An applicant considered independent under Federal Financial Aid applies using only their estimated income for the year they enroll for training.

An applicant who lives with his or her parents and is claimed as a dependent on the parents’ tax return must use estimated total family income for the year they enroll for training.

The following are the income guidelines for 2016

Persons in
Family Unit

Each additional family member increases the amount by $6,240

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