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The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona (TRVFA)
TRVFA Instructions for Rotary Clubs:

If you are contacted by a student seeking a TRVFA grant, you should first determine if your club is interested in sponsoring the student.  If so, you should set up an interview for the student with several club members.  If your club has a Vocational Service Chair, that is the ideal person to lead the interview.

Students generally contact Rotary Clubs at the same time that they are completing the TRVFA application.  If you have any questions as to the student’s application status, please contact the Grant Application Processing person listed below.  If the student has identified your club as their sponsor on the application, Grant Application Processing will keep you informed as to the students application process and send you the forms you need for the interview process when the application is completed.

Once an eligible application is complete, we recommend that clubs invite the student to a club meeting for them to meet the club and the club members to meet the applicant.  It is a good time to give them 2-3 minutes to address the club as to who they are and why they are there.  The actual interview may be built around that club meeting or held at a later time.

Interview questions may be determined by the club interviewing team members.  Questions should assist a club in determining a students likelihood of success in his/her training and future employment.

Some suggested questions you may consider:

  1. What motivated the student to choose their field of study.
  2. What are the student’s career goals or aspirations after completing his/her training? – and –    How will these be achieved?
  3. How will the student pay for his/her training beyond the funding provided by TRVFA?
  4. How long will the education or training take to complete?
  5. Will the student be available to attend club meetings from time to time to update the club
    members on his/her educational and employment progress?  (It is particularly important, at a minimum, to have the student return to speak to your club after they have completed their training and become employed.)
  6. What kinds of extracurricular or community service activities is the student involved in? (It is also OK to invite (but not require) them to help with a club community service project as we are trying to build lasting relationships as well as educate applicants.)
  7. What does the student know about Rotary?  (This is your opportunity to give them a short over-view of what Rotary is all about.)

After completing the interview, the club will make a recommendation regarding whether to sponsor the student or not. Please complete and return the Club Certification form provided to you by Grant Application Processing. (Return instructions are listed on the form.)

Current Grant Application Processing Contact: 
Dan W. Messersmith
928-715-0579 cell