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The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona
Determination of “Legal resident of the state of Arizona”
for Independent Students
Arizona residency requirements are divided into three areas:

  1. Physical Presence:

A person may be eligible for classification as a resident if that person can provide clear and convincing evidence of physical presence in the state of Arizona with intent to establish domicile as outlined in Item 2.

  1. Intent To Establish A Domicile:

Intent is measured by a variety of evidence, but the following may be used to provide clear and convincing evidence for establishing domicile:

  • He/she can provide verification of employment in Arizona.
  • He/she has an Arizona driver’s license.
  • He/she has a State of Arizona identification card.
  • He/she has an Arizona motor vehicle registration.
  • He/she has filed Arizona state income taxes.
  • He/she has filed a Federal tax forms as an Arizona resident.
  • He/she has registered to vote in Arizona.
  • He/she has a lease agreement or rental contract for their residence in Arizona.
  • He/she has purchased a house/condo/manufactured home to use as their residence in Arizona.
  1. Financial Independence:

A person claiming classification as a resident must prove financial independence.

  • He/she is self-supporting and is qualified as an independent student on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.