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Preferred Programs for Priority Funding
Applicants for funding or support who seek education, training or skill development in one of these fields will be preferred by TRVFA over applicants in other fields which do not provide a livable wage or career-oriented employment after program completion.

Trades, Maintenance & Construction

  • Professions related to building infrastructure – roads, bridges, utilities and other similar items – needed to advance Arizona’s economy and increase competitiveness for attracting high-wage employers. 
  • “Green collar” professions: environmentally sensitive design, construction and maintenance; environmental technologies such as solar system production/installation. 
  • Manufacturing, precision machining and welding.

Health and Wellness

  • Nursing, medical assisting and other direct care provider professions for which there is a shortage of qualified workers in Arizona. 
  • Long-term care providers to address the needs of an aging population. 
  • Medical support personnel, including technicians and lab workers.

Emerging Technologies

  • Established professions relating to new technologies, including social media and internet industries, computer or network repair and maintenance, data management and analysis, and communications. 
  • Forensics and other new technology professions related to the public good.