My experience at Pima Medical Institute in Tucson was exceptional.
Shown in the 1st photo, Greg with his instructor. 
Shown in the 2nd photo Greg with 3 of his classmates.
The Medical Assistant curriculum is one the best around and you get more training than some other institutions will give you. For instance, they train their MA’s in Phlebotomy, although it’s an abbreviated class. The instructors are very knowledgeable and all have over 10 years of experience in the Medical Assistance field with some having over 20 years. They have different times you can attend class so there is always something available for you to work around. The instructors and always helpful
if you are having a problem. All their lab equipment is fairly new and they always had enough training tools for each student so you didn’t have to share. You are trained in ECG, med administration via injection, and other methods. You are also trained in the Front Office aspect of the position so you can fill in there if needed. They also have an excellent support system when it comes time to go out and search for a job and will be there even if you need to change to a different office/clinic. They send each student almost daily updates on job openings in our field so you don’t have to spend a lot of time searching through listing on Indeed, Zip Recruiter, etc. They also have a very nice student lounge where you can take your break and even offer different types of snacks and drinks for purchase.
In summarization, I would highly recommend this school for your MA and other medical training needs.
Greg King
UPDATE: First Day:  My first day was awesome. Did a lot of vitals 1 injection and some computer entries. For the next couple of weeks, starting tomorrow, I’ll be at their Tombstone clinic.