Rotarians attending the District 5495 Conference June 22, 2019 had an opportunity to hear from vocational education grant recipients telling about the profound difference their TRVFA support has made in their lives.  CLICK HERE or on the image to watch a video of their presentation.
Sofia Ibarra, seated closest to the podium, was sponsored by the Scottsdale Sunrise Rotary Club to study phlebotomy at East Valley Medical College during the 2016-17 academic year.  She was hired immediately after graduating, but has since completed other studies and advanced in her medical profession.  She has enjoyed many positive transitions in her personal life as a result of the beginning her TRVFA grant provided for her.
Jocelyn Castillo, seated in the middle was recently sponsored by the Peoria Rotary Club to begin a Surgical Technology program July 12, 2019 at East Valley Institute of Technology in Mesa, Arizona.  The grant will enable her to enter a career where she will earn a livable wage while she seeks to achieve her real goal of becoming a surgeon.
Cayanne Nelson, seated on the left, was sponsored by the Paradise Valley Rotary Club in March of this year to study phlebotomy at the East Valley Medical College in Mesa.  She interned at the VA medical facility, and was so touched by what they have given for all of us, that she plans to continue to volunteer there even though her permanent paid position will be with another employer. 
Each speaker had their own unique story of difficult circumstances they have already or will overcome because of the grants received from TRVFA. A resounding theme was:  because Rotary believed in each of them enough to invest in them, they have learned to believe in themselves and have an unstoppable zeal to accomplish their goals.  It was also clear that each new goal accomplished will inspire a new, and higher aspiration.
The photo at right shows (l-r) Jocelyn Castillo, TRVFA President Dan Messersmith, Cayanne Nelson, TRVFA Chairman Dennis Haberer, Sofia Ibarra, and TRVFA Board Member Jeanie Morgan.  Evelyn Haberer thought to take the photo including the available board members and the scholars while they were all gathered near the TRVFA table in the Hall of Friendship at the conference immediately prior to the presentation.