One of our donors, who is a CPA, has advised us that a colleague had shared information about a new regulation which came out August 23.  His peer believed the regulation would impact tax credit donations.  If the information he received is correct, effective August 28, donors will be allowed to either take a tax credit on their state taxes or claim a charitable donation on their IRS return, but will no longer be able to do both.  His information indicated donations made by August 27 could still qualify for both.  To be certain you can verify you made a tax credit donation by the 27th of August, the CPA recommended making any such donations on line.  Please understand, we are passing this on, but do not have ready access to information to verify such a regulatory change has been made.  In case you planned to donate to us this year, and want to be on the safe side, we've made donating on line easy - go to donate.trvfa.org.