We only received photos of two of the seven students whose TRVFA grants were funded in February. 
  • Mariah is studying to be a Dental Assistant at Pima Medical Institute.  Her grant was sponsored by the Oro Valley Rotary Club.
  • Daisy is also studying to be a Dental Assistant.  She is attending the American Institute of Dental Assisting.  Her grant was sponsored by the Mesa Rotary Club.
The bottom photo was sent to TRVFA Grant Processing by our contact at the Arizona Technical Training Institute.  Shown in the photo are Daisy (on the left) and Vanessa, as they were getting ready for graduation from their Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program which they started last December.
Rotary Clubs who sponsor grants for TRVFA do not have a financial obligation.  They are strongly encouraged to maintain a relationship with the students, who may be willing hands to help with service projects, and may one day be in a position where they can become Rotarians.  TRVFA grant processing can ensure that all basic requirements are in place, but sponsoring Rotary Clubs interview the applicants to be sure the student is motivated, likely to succeed in completing the course and will be a good fit for the chosen vocation.  TRVFA doesn't want the interviewing club members to "rubber stamp" the application.  If they have serious doubts, declining the request is the appropriate thing to do.
We also encourage clubs to bring their scholars back after they complete their course of study and share the impact the grant made in their life.  Photos and success stories help us raise funds so that we can continue to make a positive difference by helping individuals help themselves.