Shown at right are a few of the grant recipients funded in January, 2021.
You will see in the chart below that the majority of our grants year-to-date have been for healthcare vocational programs.  The larges number of grants are for the least expensive programs not necessarily because that is what the applicant would choose if money were no object, but that is where they can start because their TRVFA grant will cover most - if not all - of  heir expenses.  
There are two columns showing the grants that were for less than $2,000 and those that were funded with our current grant maximum of $2,000.  If we were to conservatively estimate that half of those funded were attending programs that cost $3,000 or more, you can quickly see that rather than funding $158,543 in grants year-to-date, if our maximum grant were $3,000, we could have already funded $241,543 or more. 
Our maximum grant used to be $3,000.  The board of directors voted to reduce the maximum in 2018.  The maximum grant was not lowered because our income had dropped.  It was lowered  because our number of applications was growing and the board did not want to turn away worthy applicants.
TRVFA needs to increase income to restore the previous $3,000 maximum or - ideally - set the maximum grant to a higher amount to reflect impact of inflation.  TRVFA has already funded 89 grants with five months left this Rotary year.  The flow in new applications is constant as the vocational programs are not scheduled in a typical academic time structure.
The help of existing donors to serve as advocates for support is strongly encouraged and will be necessary to increase the capacity to keep up with demand.  We hope our donor base will suggest making Arizona Tax Credit donations to their neighbors, family, friends and business associates.  Because TRVFA recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation, the following sources of donations are also encouraged:
  • Club or Club Foundation donations
  • Transfers of mandatory IRA distributions
  • Personal or family trust or foundation donations
  • Business charitable fund donations
  • Some employers will match their employees' non profit donations or hours worked if their employee completes the necessary application
TRVFA was started by Rotarians thirty years ago as a multi-district Arizona Rotary Vocational Service project.  It is still managed by an all-Rotarian board of directors.  Support of TRVFA is not limited to Rotarians.  TRVFA capacity to serve additional vocational education needs in Arizona has not come close to reaching its potential since not all Rotarians are donors, and less than 25% of donations year-to-date are from sources outside of Rotary.  The external donations have a much higher average donation amount, and are a source which has enormous potential.
TRVFA can only grow with your help and advocacy.  If you have already given, please be a spokesperson.  If you have not yet donated this fiscal year, please do so just CLICK HERE
Donations made by April 15 can be used for Arizona Tax Credit for the 2020 or 2021 tax year (but not both).