One of the signs of progress in a small town used to be the necessity of putting up a stop sign because traffic was getting out of control.  The traffic sign was actually a sign that the town was thriving and progressing.
The board of directors of The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona has faced a similar challenge in the traffic of grant applications this fiscal  year.  We have faced a steady flow of new grant applications.  The board is happy to report that donations to date this fiscal year are 125% of the same period a year ago.  The board had to look at where we were and decide how we could ensure doing the most good while causing the least harm. 
We took a look at grants already funded in the 2018-19 fiscal year.  We combined that number with grants already approved, but not yet funded.  To that combined total, we added grants already in process and likely to be approved for programs starting before July 1.  It became clear we will meet, and very likely exceed, our recently increased grant funding budget for this fiscal year.  
Our stop sign has been installed.  Effective April 16, we will not accept new grant applications for programs starting before July 1, 2019.  We will continue to accept new applications for programs with a start date of July 1 or later.  If we receive a new grant application for a program starting before July 1, the applicant will be given the option of requesting funds for a program with a later start date.