At its Annual Meeting held Saturday, July 20 in Casa Grande, the TRVFA board re-elected Dan Messersmith as President, and Dennis Haberer as Chairman of the Board.  Newly elected were Steve DeMar, Treasurer, and Marc Snow, Secretary.
At the immediately following quarterly board meeting, the board discussed some key challenges:
There are three vacancies on the board - two needing to be filled by Rotary District 5495 Rotarians, and one to be filled by a Rotarian from District 5500.
Although donations were significantly higher in 2018-19 than in prior years,  TRVFA is forced to temporarily cease accepting new grant applications for programs starting prior to January 1.  This decision will be re-evaluated at the October board meeting.
 Demand for grants is exceeding any prior period because the booming economy is creating a demand for certified vocational employees.   
Everyone present at the board meeting fully understood that expectations for board members going forward will be that all will need to be highly engaged in marketing to Rotarians, Rotary Clubs, and external funding sources. 
It was noted there is lots of room to grow TRVFA funding resources.  In 2018-19 only 8.8% of Rotarians in Arizona supported TRVFA with a donation.  It is clear there is room within  easy reach of meeting and exceeding our current funding challenge if we get the word out. 
The increase in demand for grants is creating an additional challenge.  There is a need to identify a Rotarian - preferably with student aid experience -  who would either join or be willing to help the board with grant application processing.  Currently only one person is doing that task and it is becoming overwhelming. 
All board members are optimistic that the gap between funding and demand for grants can be bridged with focussed and concentrated effort.
Board members expressed their appreciation for the years of service Eileen Klecka has given as a board member and board Treasurer.  She had to resign that position because of a deteriorating vision challenge she is experiencing.  There is no deterioration in her passion for the life-changing work of TRVFA.  She will be staying on as an Advisor to the board.
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