The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona (TRVFA) is being flexible in order to continue serving students seeking grants to fund their vocational education studies.
Dan Messersmith, TRVFA President, recently reached out to Bob Zarling, Mesa West Vocational Service Chair, asking that he interview Adrianna by phone or Facetime to determine if Mesa West would be willing to sponsor a $2,000 grant for her to study at the East Valley Medical School to become certified as a Phlebotomy Technician   Following the  interview, Bob wrote to TRVFA stating,  "Adrianna would be a dedicated student working to better her family’s life. She went back to school for her GED. She has family support and believes education is the path to a better future. Currently she is working at a valley tomato growing and packing facility screening workers for symptoms of the virus as they report for work. She is aware of the current risk and long term potential risk within the medical profession under the social climate during the Covid19 crisis. After the interview and and carefully considering her application overnight, I would like to approve her application." 
For the benefit of those who might not be aware, agreeing to sponsor Adrianna's studies does not obligate Mesa West, her sponsoring club, to any financial commitment.  Clubs are asked to interview TRVFA grant applicants to determine if the student has realistic probability of successfully completing the program and finding satisfaction in the vocation they will be studying to enter.  Clubs are also asked to stay in contact with the students they sponsor and develop lasting relationships.  In normal circumstances the interviews are timed before or after a meeting so the scholar can meet members of the club and get a feeling for Rotary.