Mention the Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona and how their generosity helped you financially to receive a vocational career. Help others find The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona (TRVFA).


I want to remind everyone that it’s not too late to offset your 2021 personal income tax obligation to the State of Arizona by making a tax credit donation to our Qualifying Charitable Organization.  Our QCO code is 20698.  Donations made by April 15 can be used to offset 2021 or 2022 tax obligations – but not both.* 
Tax credit donations are our most common donation, since we are a 501(c)(3), we would love to see growth in the donations we receive from commercial and private charitable funds and foundations, family members, family trusts, etc. 
 *If you have tax questions, please be sure to contact a tax specialist.


What are the benefits of joining a Rotary Club?

  • Friendship. In an increasingly complex world, Rotary maintains a simple philosophy - make friends in your own community and throughout the world.

  • Giving back to the community. ...

  • Fun and entertainment. ...

  • Business development. ...

  • Personal growth and development. ...

  • Continued learning. ...

  • Travel opportunities.

We want to hear from our TRVFA Alumni. Send us some photos, tell us how it is going. 

The Rotary Foundation Trustees and Rotary International Board of Directors have both unanimously approved adding a new area of focus: supporting the environment.

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Arizona Tax Credit - TRVFA is an organization which meets Arizona's Credit for Contribution to a Qualifying Charitable Organization requirements.  Our QCO Code is 20698.  They may also be deductible as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes to the extent allowed by law. A federal tax deduction for a contribution must be reduced by the amount of a state or local tax credit received, or expected to be received, in return. Please consult your tax advisor to determine the tax benefits of your donation
Tax Status TRVFA is a 501 (c)(3) recognized non-profit organization as determined by the IRS - Federal Tax ID #86-0632646. Donations to TRVFA are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.