Thirty years ago today, The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona was incorporated in the State of Arizona.  CLICK HERE to read a bit about our 30-year history.
To applaud the fact that we have a long history of helping individuals lift themselves out of poverty, we hope you will consider becoming an ongoing supporter of TRVFA by authorizing an automated monthly, quarterly, or annual donation.  Whether a one-time donation or repetitive commitment, it is quick and easy to donate online.
CLICK HERE or on the image  to go directly to the donation form.  The image below is of the bottom portion of the donation form with an arrow showing where you can indicate you want your donation to repeat, as well as the section where we need for you to indicate the name of your Rotary Club or - if you are not a Rotarian - we hope you will tell us how you learned about TRVFA.
Donations made to our organization up until April 15, 2021 may qualify for the Arizona Tax Credit to a Qualifying Charitable Organization for either the 2020 or 2021 tax year.  Our QCO code is 20698.