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The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona (TRVFA) is a non-profit organization under IRS Code 501(c)(3) whose purpose is to assist those people who qualify under Arizona law to obtain financial assistance to further their vocational studies. TRVFA is an organization which meets Arizona’s Credit For Contributions To A Qualifying Charitable Organization requirements.  Our QCO Code is 20698.
Candidates who meet the eligibility requirements are identified and recommended to TRVFA by financial aid counselors in vocational education institutions. and/or Rotarians and their clubs.
Mailing Address:   TRVFA, P O Box 14412, Scottsdale, AZ 85267
Our Mission and Vision
The mission of The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona, Inc. (TRVFA) is to partner with Rotary Clubs to provide assistance to Qualified Candidates in obtaining education, training, and skill development so they may, in turn, attain career oriented employment and financial stability and contribute to their communities.
Our vision is for students go on to become productive citizens in our state. The education they obtain will help them earn a living and raise their families. Because of their increased earning potential they help grow the economy of the state of Arizona.
Home Page Stories
They may look like an ordinary club, meeting in a friendly local restaurant, but they are no ordinary Rotary Club.  In late July, Prescott-Frontier Rotary Club Membership Chair, Lori Dekker, made an impassioned plea to club members to support The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona.  As a former school nurse, she has a large place in her heart for families that suffer from lack of opportunities such as what TRVFA provides.  Since then, TRVFA has received a total of $5,255 in total donations from eleven Prescott Frontier Rotary Club members.  To put this in perspective, this is a higher percentage of members giving than any club in the state accomplished in the entire 2018-19 fiscal year, and the total is already higher than the 8th largest-giving club in the state last year.
It would be a dream-come-true for the TRVFA board to have a booster like Lori in every Rotary club in Arizona!  Way to go Lori and Prescott Frontier Rotary Club!!!
TRVFA Board members are ready, available and enthusiastically looking forward to opportunities to make club presentations this fall.  CLICK HERE  to arrange for a visit.
TRVFA is a Qualifying Charitable Organization – QCO Code 20698 – in the State of Arizona for tax credit donations.  For more information, visit trvfa.org.  On-line donations are easily made at donate.trvfa.org
At its Annual Meeting held Saturday, July 20 in Casa Grande, the TRVFA board re-elected Dan Messersmith as President, and Dennis Haberer as Chairman of the Board.  Newly elected were Steve DeMar, Treasurer, and Marc Snow, Secretary.
At the immediately following quarterly board meeting, the board discussed some key challenges:
There are three vacancies on the board - two needing to be filled by Rotary District 5495 Rotarians, and one to be filled by a Rotarian from District 5500.
Although donations were significantly higher in 2018-19 than in prior years,  TRVFA is forced to temporarily cease accepting new grant applications for programs starting prior to January 1.  This decision will be re-evaluated at the October board meeting.
 Demand for grants is exceeding any prior period because the booming economy is creating a demand for certified vocational employees.   
Everyone present at the board meeting fully understood that expectations for board members going forward will be that all will need to be highly engaged in marketing to Rotarians, Rotary Clubs, and external funding sources. 
It was noted there is lots of room to grow TRVFA funding resources.  In 2018-19 only 8.8% of Rotarians in Arizona supported TRVFA with a donation.  It is clear there is room within  easy reach of meeting and exceeding our current funding challenge if we get the word out. 
The increase in demand for grants is creating an additional challenge.  There is a need to identify a Rotarian - preferably with student aid experience -  who would either join or be willing to help the board with grant application processing.  Currently only one person is doing that task and it is becoming overwhelming. 
All board members are optimistic that the gap between funding and demand for grants can be bridged with focussed and concentrated effort.
Board members expressed their appreciation for the years of service Eileen Klecka has given as a board member and board Treasurer.  She had to resign that position because of a deteriorating vision challenge she is experiencing.  There is no deterioration in her passion for the life-changing work of TRVFA.  She will be staying on as an Advisor to the board.
For readers motivated to donate, we've made it easy. CLICK HERE to donate on-line or CLICK HERE to download a mail-in donation form.
Rotarians attending the District 5495 Conference June 22, 2019 had an opportunity to hear from vocational education grant recipients telling about the profound difference their TRVFA support has made in their lives.  CLICK HERE or on the image to watch a video of their presentation.
Sofia Ibarra, seated closest to the podium, was sponsored by the Scottsdale Sunrise Rotary Club to study phlebotomy at East Valley Medical College during the 2016-17 academic year.  She was hired immediately after graduating, but has since completed other studies and advanced in her medical profession.  She has enjoyed many positive transitions in her personal life as a result of the beginning her TRVFA grant provided for her.
Jocelyn Castillo, seated in the middle was recently sponsored by the Peoria Rotary Club to begin a Surgical Technology program July 12, 2019 at East Valley Institute of Technology in Mesa, Arizona.  The grant will enable her to enter a career where she will earn a livable wage while she seeks to achieve her real goal of becoming a surgeon.
Cayanne Nelson, seated on the left, was sponsored by the Paradise Valley Rotary Club in March of this year to study phlebotomy at the East Valley Medical College in Mesa.  She interned at the VA medical facility, and was so touched by what they have given for all of us, that she plans to continue to volunteer there even though her permanent paid position will be with another employer. 
The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona was recently recognized for our transparency with a 2019 Gold Seal on our GuideStar Nonprofit Profile! GuideStar is the world’s largest source of information on nonprofit organizations. More than 8 million visitors per year and a network of 200+ partners use GuideStar data to grow support for nonprofits. In order to get the 2019 Gold Seal, TRVFA shared important information with the public using our profile on www.guidestar.org. Now our community members and potential donors can find in-depth information about our goals, strategies, capabilities, and progress. We’re shining a spotlight on the difference we help make in the world.  CLICK HERE  or on the image to check out our GuideStar Nonprofit Profile.
Hi! My name is Sarah and you all helped me get my Certified Nursing Assistant license and my Patient Care Technician certification.  I really appreciate everything you all have done for me.
I got a job as soon as I graduated.  I have now been working in the hospital for three and a half years.
I will be going back to school soon to get my RN. 
Sarah is a 2014/15 graduate of East Valley Medical College in their Certified Nursing Assistant/Patient Care Technician program. Gilbert Rotary Club sponsored her TRVFA grant application.
The Estrella Rotary Club recently received the following note from Misha, whose TRVFA grant was sponsored by their club"
“School has been amazing! I finished my program at the top of my class with a 98% and am currently continuing my studying to take my state RHS certification test! With the help of my teachers, I was able to work with a number of different dentists, shadow an oral maxillofacial surgeon and have an internship lined up to begin on October 2nd! I am so excited to be moving into this next phase of my career, and it wouldn’t be possible without the help of you and your organization’s funding!” 
I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything. For all your assistance and guidance in applying for and for going through all the steps with me to receive this grant. You've provided me with life changing help that I can never repay. I can now concentrate on my grades and not how I will pay for my schooling.
I will not let you down and you will not regret this help you have provided for me. TRVFA is truly a great program. Once again thank you.
Board Officers & Directors
Chairman of the Board
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Secretary (5495)
Treasurer (5495)
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Director (5495)
Director (5500)
Director (5500)
Director (5500)
Advisors to the Board
Roger Bonngard, PDG 5510
Bill Fee, 5495
Art Harrington, E.A., Ph.D, PDG 5510
Honora Norton, DD 5495
Jim Patmos, 5495
Greg Podd, PRIVP, PDG 5510
Craig Wilson, PDG 5490
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